Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cardboard Version.........

I have been interested in solar cooking for a long time. I have done a lot of surfing on the internet to get as many ideas as I can. My first solar oven is made of cardboard. Almost every day I look at my oven and change something or add something or tape something or staple something or just say a simple prayer that it won't fly away in the wind. I am having serious issues with my reflectors. They just dont want to stay where I put them so I have to work on the design of those for sure. For ideas or instructions on building solar ovens visit the links that you see at the bottom of this page.I have learned a few lessons so far. Masking tape doesn't hold up in the sun at all so I am looking for a solution to that. Also I won't try to cut my own glass any more. It is just too difficult. I will have glass cut to my specifications next time. My first prototype is also a little too deep so I placed a few bricks in the bottom and put a cookie sheet on top so that when I place my cooking containers inside they are closer to the glass. I have also found that the reflectors are very helpful. The maximum temp I have hit without the reflectors is 200. With the reflectors I have hit 325. Unfortunately the reflectors also turn into sales if there is any wind. I learned this because I had an oven that toppled over and spilled all the rice and water, probably ruining the box. If that solar oven dries out and is usable I will remember to put bricks in the bottom for extra weight.

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